Karnantha World Map


Ashura map and countryside 


So what are swamps? Well they are not happy big open pools of water you can swim in. Yes they have trees, quicksand, drowning muck, strangling vines, man eating turtles and crocks, poisons, diseases, bugs, swarms, and a ton more.

The swamp is not a happy place and is most likely the hardest place to navigate you will come across. Not only is your speed dropped to less than half, but if you can't pilot a boat your pretty screwed. Not to mention the fact that you have no clue which direction you are going, where waterways will be blocked with fallen trees or debris to halt you and make you turn around.

Those not prepared for the swamp will find themselves tested very quickly with a variety of challenges. Expect to fail many of these and consider a win if you escape with your life and nothing else of value. A true test of a parties ability to work together and problem solve, the swamp is one of the first major obstacles of this adventure.

What is next? Well we know that we are headed west towards a plantation where there was said to be part of a scroll of prophecy. The Pathfinder Chronicler's mysterious benefactor has sent her to this terrible place to recover it and interpret it. The locals will not know anything of this scroll, but there will be however one such person who will. trying to figure out who this person is without raising suspicion's is the goal. Hopefully the rain can hold off long enough for the party to transverse the swamp and reach the plantation, just in time for things to get more interesting. . .

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