1. Core + approved classes, any pathfinder races
  2. No item creation
  3. Called shot, 15+ on straight roll
  4. No level loss on death, monetary loss for resurrection
  5. Crit and Fumble decks both for PC and Monster
  6. Damage and Repairs as Pathfinder book
  7. Rep Bonus, Kill Bonus Rules
  8. No power builds, exploits, grey area builds
  9. No take 10's, take 20's
  10. Max HP's for PC and Monster
  11. Start @ level 4 (one feat, one ability point)
  12. Roll stats x2 choose best set
  13. No more alignments defined only personality. If cleric or such acts "out of" his/her gods path they loose all spells
  14. No evil PC's however how your personality defines your HERO is how you can act
  15. My deities and pantheon only NO greyhawk!
  16. PC's can't become gods, only rank zero demi's like Hercules
  17. Animal companions are back and can fight!
  18. Followers are back and can fight! However they share your loot! They do not gain XP, but keep at set level below you and level as you do
  19. Shoot into combat now incorporates size as Pathfinder rules. Shoot over animal and small players heads!
  20. Magic item slots are not set. Gloves of Dex can be shoes of Dex, etc
  21. PC's can't use ressurection only high rank NPC clerics, healers. However "Revify" from 3.5 is usable!
  22. Magic item creation being banned still allows enchanting. Enchanting" +1,+2,+3 etc swords, armor. Dex +2,+4,+6 etc, R.O.P. +1,+2,+3, etc Cloak of resistance +1,+2,+3 etc all in a unique "Profession". Enchanter can "Craft" theses, PC's ok to attempt!
  23. New magic item weapon/armor property "Bound". Just like unholy only functions to evil aligned PC's a bound weapon or armor only functions for a specific person or monster. Hence a boss may have a fiery great axe, but if "bound" is only treated as a great axe in the hands of a PC. A PC maybe able to "Un-bind" the weapon returning it's properties for use by following the item creation feat rules for adding a +1 ability to a weapon or set of armor. This can only be done by an "Enchanter" profession with the craft skill as appropriate. 
  24. Jump rules are strict from book. With all limits on distance and height.
  25. Language skill dose not allow points to buy new languages, every PC starts with racial + common. Other languages can be learned as study is role played
  26. PC weight, carry capicity is strict. All items must be accounted for and weights listed. Armor doesn't count towards this unless it's carried, weapons do
  27. Small sack holds 5 lbs, Large sack holds 10 lbs, Bag holds 25 lbs, Backpacks hold 45 lbs. All objects MUST be placed into something to carry them. Liquid into vials or water skins. Bag weight is zero for counting weights. Unless specified bags are considered on a belt and can be "Slight of handed" or fall into lava as the story details
  28. Un-water proof items exposed to water are ruined!
  29. Paper, cloth, combustibles, etc are destroyed in lava, most will ignite in fire taking a standard to extinguish
  30. Deaths for PC's require a roll on the scars chart, "restoration" may be needed to regrow limbs or correct scars. Your looks will be diminished when you are scared
  31. PC's who don't eat will need constitution checks or should have endurance to help not become fatigued, sickened, nauseated or exhausted. 
  32. There is no death from massive damage!
  33. A PC turned to stone is considered dead!
  34. Darkvision only see's in black and white, only 60ft. Shadows apply, no colors can be distinguished, etc
  35. Darkness is now pathfinder rules, using shadowy darkness and cover rules. Other forms of darkness may be in the advanced spell book, make sure you read
  36. Multi-class rules apply for XP penalties as Pathfinder, pay attention to negatives!
  37. Barbarian's are mostly considered illiterate for RPG purposes
  38. A rod of wonder is not a toy!
  39. There are no rules if an animal companion dies, but there are if a follower dies! Pay attention
  40. Skills now cover a variety of abilities as normal in Pathfinder
  41. Feats only chosen from core Pathfinder
  42. Portal rule applies! In or Out! No peaking your head inside. This applies to a lot of decision making with a yes or a no!
  43. PVP should never occur unless in a gladiatorial arena or as a duel. Special situations will arise when a player has dug quite the hole for themselves, be warned!
  44. Must play as part of a group! Team play, with the party contributing even if your personality is that of the loner
  45. "Group Loot" rules must be stated as new PC's arrive. STANDARD: All wealth is divided evenly between PC's! Needed magical items based off of class needs are awarded to the PC needing it! Wanted magical items are rolled on with the highest roll winning. Conflicts between needed is rolled on fir a decision can't be made as to who needs it more. Group loot should be totaled by ONE PC who keeps track of all group loot. Stolen loot if rolls allow for secretly taking something while not in the company of others is allowed and will not be META game-ed by the party. Thieves are thieves and will steal, group loot is still theirs to claim and no penalty or negative feelings can be held against that player. If your caught, however . . . it's your ass!
  46. Secrets, notes, plotting, personal goals, mystery, team up's, allies, are VERY encouraged and add to good role playing
  47. Voices, mannerism's, props, t-shirts, contribute to good role playing!
  48. Loaded dice are NOT allowed, however novelty dice are encouraged!
  49. Players are prohibited from bringing monster manuals  or bestiaries unless their animal companions starts are needed
  50. Monsters are allowed to be reworked with regards to SA & SQ to keep player knowledge via META gaming at a minimum & encourage lore checks to learn of monster abilities like in the old days. 
  51. All core rule book's should be only used by DM to look up rules or a helper. Since Pathfinder is one book, PC's should photocopy their class. The exception is a spellcaster who needs the book for spells.
  52. Adult game content! Graphic violence, swearing, sexual themes, drug use, crude humor, are ALLOWED depending on where we play and if children are around at the time. NO swearing at another player out of character, EVER! As well as no put down's of a personal nature. Exception is calling a bad PC and bad PC. Counter point to NO put down's is that we should as a player, know our character, prepare for our turn ahead of time, think of what we are doing and how it will effect the other players, play smart, don't stand in doorways!
  53. DM is final call on grey area rules!
  54. Rerolling a character comes in one level lower than the lowest PC. Broke with nothing
  55. No archtypes! However advanced player core races, and such are allowed, NO ARCYTYPES! Core versions of these.
  • Show up on time!
  • Keep out of game discussion to a minimum
  • Smoke breaks are taken at break time
  • Keep at table, no wandering off
  • Cell phones and watching videos keep to a minimum, try to pay attention to the game at the table
  • If your at the table you are playing! No watchers or hang outs
  • Arguing to a minimum, defend your reasoning but take DM decision and bring up at end of game or when appropriate
  • Offer hosting of game if able to
  • Try to contribute to group feed if able
  • Car pooling is good
  • If not enough players to play, have alternative games to play, cards or board games
  • Campaign journal is to be kept to update group on FB
  • Bring in new players if players leave, but keep group to a max of 8. 5-6 is a great number to have 
  • No children, age restricted game

~~  ~~
Starting Notes

• PC's will start at 4th level, granting them access to their level 3 feat and their level 4 ability point.

• Fast XP chart from the Pathfinder Core Rule book will be used to level seeing as we want to play a game with most of our powers unlocked.

• Item creation feats will still be house ruled out of game so no one can create items that unbalance the game, loot is generated by the DM to keep the campaign as balanced as possible.

• PC's will have access to the 11 starting classes from the Pathfinder Core Rule book only! However later they will be able to multi-class into classes from the Advanced Players Guide then other Pathfinder Specific Sources. There maybe an option to add in ANY 3.5 material as the game goes on.

• PC's will be able to choose any race from the Pathfinder Source books, such as the cat, rat, crow, people and so forth.

Character Creation

• PC's should think about character creation before hand, but must make a final decision with everyone in the gaming group at the table to balance out the party. There is no rule against having two of the same class, however the PC's are advised to fill various roles in the party if they are to succeed at over coming class specific challenges.
     EXAMPLE: Healers to keep you alive, Tanks to absorb damage, Rogues to unlock doors and detect traps, Spell Casters for party movement and detection, and so forth


1. Choose Race: Choose a race from the list of selected races. Record all special racial abilities.
•RPG: Learn your races's history and what it mean's to be of your races blood.

2. Choose Class: Choose a class for your character from the 11 classes in the book.
•RPG: Record your ROLE as many classes such as ranger can be either a bow man or a dual wielder. If your a cleric are you a healer of the party or are you a fighter with self heals?

3. Your Look:
•Hair color
•Eye color
•Right or Left Handed.

4. Personality: Go through some questions to get a better perspective on your character.
AWhat do you look like? Are you alluring, plain, ugly? Do you dress in fancy clothing or rags? Do you have any distinguishing marks?
ROLL d20
01       Nasty
02-03  Ugly
04-07  Homely
08-09  Plain
10-12  Average
13-15  Attractive / Cute
16-17  Handsome / Pretty
18        Striking
19        Beautiful
20        Stunning

BWhere is your family? What realm do you hail from? Do you live in a small town or a large city? Have you been banished from your homeland? Is your family alive?

CWhat is your greatest love? For what or whom would you make sacrifices? A love, your family, yourself, your god, magic, knowledge, power, wealth. Would you make a personal sacrifice or sacrifice someone else?

DWhat do you regret? Where you unable to prevent a tragedy? Do you have a mental or physical trait that you despise? Did you betray anyone?

EWhat do you dislike? What are your hates your fears? Do you dislike the sea, witnessing an injustice, do spiders scare you? Do you find a race, culture, religion or form of magic unnatural?

FWhat habits do you have? Do you flip a coin when making a choice? Collect trophies from fallen foes? Practices you singing every night?
RPG: See DM's Guide PG# 128 Roll d%, try to get one positive trait or quirk and one negative.

GAre you sophisticated or superstitious? Were you educated in the best schools in your town or were you raised on a farm, or a slave ship? Do you know the ways of the world or just a collection of stories told to you from others?
01 Peasant, non-free
02 Peasant, free
03 Freeman, petty landowner
04 Freeman, landowner
05 Freeman, gentleman
06 Aristocrat, non-noble

Social Class: Peasant, non-free
Station: Slave, serf, bondsman, masterless, wanderer
Vocation: Beggar, Gypsy, Mercenary, Day Laborer

Social Class: Peasant, free
Station: Laborer, Tenant, Woodward
Vocation: common apprentice, mercenary, soldier, peddler, minstrel

Social Class: Freeman
Station: Tradesman
Vocation: Actor, wiseman, mercenary, under officer

Social Class: Freeman, landowner
Station: Bailiff, craftsman
Vocation: Lieutenant, mystic, scribe, village official

Social Class: Freeman, gentleman
Station: magistrate, merchant, squire,
Vocation: Bard, engineer, healer, guild master, mercenary commander, scholar, solider officer, town official

Social Class: Aristocrat
Station: Baron, Count, Earl, Viscount
Vocation: grand cleric, royal official, marshal

HWhat drove you to adventure? Why have you taken up the dangerous life of an adventurer? Are you simply a mercenary, seeking treasure? Are you on a hunt for vengeance? Do you have a destiny to fulfill? Looking for something special to you?

I. Personal Symbol: Choose a basic symbol that represents your character. This can be a moon and a shooting star overlapped, a mighty arm clenching a sword or the like. This is an identifier that was given to you by your peers when you achieved adulthood.

6. Alignment: Choose how you plan on acting in the game, this should reflect your personality. Do not take alignments from the book word for word, use them as guidelines, consider all PC's as "Good" non-neutral, you are playing the heroes you just choose how you play the hero.

7. Background: Write a small paragraph or two on how you came to be the person you are today use all in game gods, references and such.

8. Name: What is your full name?

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