535 cy Under the Pale Moon is a campaign world ravaged by demons. People take safety from these demonic hordes within walled cities, the most famous of which is Ashura. The outside world is wild, overrun with demons and full of places long abandoned along with their treasurers.

Long ago a mage known only as "The White Crow" preformed a ritual that changed the world of Karnantha by plunging it into darkness. The night his spell was completed, the moon froze in place directly over head permanently lingering at midnight, never setting. At the same time the dragon race, a race of elder lizards known as the strongest beings on Karnantha vanished from the lands. With their absence demonic hordes crept up from shadow and ravaged the lands. Without the dragons to oppose them the hordes quickly grew in numbers an took over the towns, villages and farms, forcing the people to seek refuge in large cities.

As these cities grew in size and built walls to keep people safe they also isolated the people from their lands losing temples, shrines, manors, and even great castles to time and legend. With such haste to escape with their lives the people left wealth, magic and their treasurers behind in these places now filled with danger, demons and death. These forgotten places bring excitement to would be scavengers, mercenaries and adventurers looking to uncover riches and power. They are not so easily however reached or even known of, making them all the more desirable to find.

The young princess of Silver Lake rising to power after her father was found dead of poison. Over a period of 10 years Silver Lake a once great boom city of mining wealth turned into a terrible war machine with soldiers, slave labor and tyrannical rule at the hands of the now of age Lady Gabrielle. The city rose to incredible power with the most deadly army known as the Red Knights. With an army at her back Lady Gabrielle proclaimed herself a goddess and waged war with neighboring countries, defeating them and adding them to her empire. Ashura kept on high alert over these years as the great country neighbored Silver Lake as well. Eventually Silver Lake embarked on a campaign to uncover a magical item of such great power that the deities themselves got involved. Yet Lady Gabrielle was defeated at the Krython Vaults and fled into exile after being unable to obtain what she sought. Silver Lake still stands as a city of war and slavery despite it's leader being missing from the pubic eye for years now.

Dragon Fern the great city of guilds. On a tropical climate island far to the west of Ashura this island beckoned adventures from all over. People came to join the guilds, quest and advance their rank to try to reach the top teirs of their great guild houses. Each class was well represented and great tests of strength like trying to defeat a hydra were given to prove who was the most capable. Eventually a great tropical storm destroyed most of Dragon Fern and its glory day's were over.

Ten years ago portals opened in the city releasing demonic legions into the streets of Ashura. With the leadership of The Paladin Queen and her army they were able to drive back the dark legions. The city is once again changed as an object known as The Dark Spear is thrust into the middle of Ashura. A colossal blackened spire of dark rock stretches endlessly up from Ashura's center.

The Paladin Queen continues her crusade to drive back the demon hordes and develop towns watched by garrisons in her lands. This has brought a great need for many more soldiers and calls for the young to join her army. Apprenticeship and the like suffer as youth become soldiers seeking glory and wealth for their families. The army still keeps order in the city and a senate still rules in her place, however she is much older and is being pushed to return to her city after 10 years of crusading.

Exactly 5 years ago strange portals opened at the base of The Dark Spear opening doorways to new worlds. No threats came through, but rather demi-humans who brought new trade and opened planar trade. In this time merchants increased in wealth and Ashura received a great boom to it's economy. Even though this brought wealth and such, demi-humans received  a negative response from many of the races of Karnantha. Many were sold into slavery to places like Silver Lake while others over ran districts of Ashura and were looked upon as lower beings leeching off the cities prosperity.

A mansion has been discovered along the western shore with a grand dungeon below in which many guilds have come to begin mapping it. A group of PC's finds this beyond their skill and quickly abandon all interest. Shortly after a group of bards need to be escorted north to join their gnomish families beyond an eleven outpost. After a portal to the feywild is discovered along with haunting portraits of persons which mirror people back in the city of Ashura. A year later the city is under attack by a demonic horde released by cultists working within the city, they are driven back by the university of magic and it's faculty.

The queen is missing from the city during the attacks, her whereabouts are unknown. 

The mining outpost of Phandalin needs aid, adventurers from the costal city of Loken make way to rid it of bandits. Not long later giants begin acting strangely and sack nearby towns in the untamed north of Triboar, a group sets out to uncover the cause and help battle back against the giants.

PC's are called to the Isle of Dawn, an island in the middle of the ocean for an unknown reason. A mysterious patron has sent each a letter requesting their aid in exchange for information that they seek in their personal life.

As you enter the city of Ashura this year it is later summer, fall is soon approaching with it's many festivals to look forward to. For reasons of your own you've come here, it's been a good five years since your apprenticeship has ended you now seek to use the skills you've learned to forge your way in the world. You have declined life as a soldier, seeking something more for yourself.

One way or another you have come across this posting: "I am a pathfinder chronicler, I have been given funding from a interested investor to uncover and document places in and around the countryside of Ashura. As the dangerous nature of the lands now a days I am hiring skilled adventurers to aid me in my missions. I need only one of each skill set to accompany me. As I stated the trip is fully funded. Bonuses will be given to those who excel at aiding our party and helping me to accomplish my tasks. Interested persons seek me at the local pathfinder guild house in the residential quarter, guild district. 
                                                       Sincerely, G

A journey to a small town shrouded in fog at the edge of a swamp leads the PC's to recover a legendary scroll.

The PC's journey to the city of Rankin where a carnival is in town and manage to rescue persons from being abducted.

A journey through White Plume Mountain to meet a live and well Dracon who requests the party's aid in returning his magical gear from the thieving persons who took it. A quest to find the first of these legendary PC's of old Halezreial ends in mystery . . .

The next leg of Pathfinder, has the PC's seeking an old friend. Gen requests they journey east from a southern city to meet her, however the PC's get waylaid on a mission to rescue children from a cult and are never head from again . . .


Year's in the making
One campaign

dream awakens you as a vision of the infamous wizard The Black Crow appear in your mind. 

"Visions of a screaming bearded man who's eyes blaze with rage, sorrow and swimming stars. The visions shift into scenes of pillars cracking and tumbling, ceilings collapsing in caverns and dark rooms, and surging explosions of blue-white sparks. You fall to your knees gasping yet unharmed by the overwhelmed sensation of great magical forces crashing through you. Repeatedly the screaming faces returns, with feelings of strong despair, of something left unfinished - and swept away in great loss and ruin."

"Those who experienced the visions can't stop thinking of Undermountain, or walking through it's chambers, of finding brightly glowing treasures. That night, wizards, sorcerers, a scattering of adventurers, and others across the land dream of Undermountain and a screaming White Crow. They all feel a yearning to enter the legendary dungeon and do something."

The PC's after a very very long dungeon crawl finally exited Undermountain with riches, fame and glory! They set up in the city of Ashura with a guild house and there new found wealth. Sometime later on an adventure south they found themselves crossing into another plane where a familiar face had some very bad news for them . . . 

A dragon king from the world of "DARK SUN" had failed. Opening a portal top his mighty zuggernaught to lead his troops into the material plane with a colossal 2 headed dragon which stomped the city like a modern day "GODZILLA". The city beneath the ever pale lingering moon fought with all it's might, ships from the bay, fields of archers on the lands, and airships above. The battle was massive and at the end when the dragon lay across 2 districts of the shattered city they still praised the heroic deeds of the PC's for they aid in stopping the invasion.

A trip to the elemental plane of air, find's the PC's returning THE BOOK OF EXHALED DEEDS to Ashura's temple. Despite attempts by demons to steal it, gnomes with air ships leading the PC's through pirate occupied sky's, genies and cloud castles as well as many floating battle towers the PC's manage to return this relic to the goddess's priestesses and receive the biggest rewards of their lives!

lich dies . . . high above the city of Ashura in a mysterious floating fortress. Which appeared in the sky a year later when the city was finally back to normal after witnessing a massive invasion from another plane. A long dead king came back to claim the city as his own, sending ghoulish ambassadors down to give his terms. Being heroes the PC's went up to stop him unaware that their adventure would displace them from the world they knew for 16 years. Upon returning they found that their following's had long since dispersed, their fame fleeted and even their property had fell into disarray. . . 

journey south begins with a new start for the PC's is to explore the future world in which they now live. Here they find that the princess has grown up and is now the queen, more than that, she is now a righteous crusader with a war against the hordes of deamons in her lands, the army now run's the city under a senate that rules in the Paladin Queen's place.

Among the adventures the PC's meet a young assassin girl named Asp who follows a trail of misinformation about a group of suspicious merchants that hail from the far far south. Solving clues on getting south and unlocking magical barriers allow the PC's to get to the fabled island and help a young bar maiden seek an item of importance. . .

Journey's attempt to start and fold over and over . . .

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